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Napa & Sonoma Valleys, Marin County, San Ramon, Sacramento and Vacaville areas.

Delivery and pick up as contracted.

Based on supply availability. 

All equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected before the next rental.



Complimentary neck and wrist straps provided if needed. Just ask! Bright rainbow, pastel rainbow and black colors available. 

Please read through the purchase list for film pricing. I strive to find competitive pricing but be aware that Polaroid film is special so they charge "special" prices. Like lumber, gas and groceries, this film is in high demand. It has been selling out at the distribution centers, and I will always try to snag wholesale prices, but most of my stock is bundled and discounted at retail. I want it stocked and ready to go for my clients!

As you choose to purchase certain quantities of film, remember your are purchasing a souvenir for about $3- to $4- a guest. Current market is listed on the "rental" page. 

 I will help you in choosing the perfect amount for your event.


Q & A

~Here For You~ 

 Rental talk and a quick tutorial upon delivery

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